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Now I am still a new guy here so take what I say how ever you like.

I have to agree with spreading yourself a little thin. Most fighters find 2 or 3 things they are really good at and use strategy to make sure those are the major players in a fight. It also sounds like you are in High School, so you have tons of time to get good, but also a life time to live with any injury you get during training.

As for what I would do? I would talk to the respective trainers from each of the schools. I take Taekwondo, but my instructors also know I want practical sparring. So they don't train me in the one hand down / one hand up method they use to teach their TKD world champions and state champions. I go into sparring night with both hands up. They tend to pair me up with people with the similar training ideas. We don't point and stop, we fight for set times then take a break. Of course some rules are not practical, but we keep with them due to safety. No one wants to have their knee destroyed by a properly executed kick to the knee. My instructor also throws a little BJJ into the training, but not alot as while they have the proper level belt to train it they don't have their training cert.

End result, talk to the instructors of everything that is available. Tell them your short term goals as well as your long term goals. Then listen! (That is the hard part!) Pick one that has an instructor you like as well as the ability to make you better. Picking the right training is one thing, but if you don't like your instructor or the training methods it becomes easier to make excuses as to why you don't need to go to class today.

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