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Lesnar-the uber jock everyone says will peak in high school

Koscheck-the douchey jock who will peak in high school.

Florian-the sporty guy that mumbles a lot

Alves-the weird guy who used to be a loser, then he got really buff, now he's cool by default

Machida-the foreign kid who says almost nothing and acts unassuming. His only friend is Silva

Silva-the other foreign kid, he speaks enough english to be funny, so the average kids like him, but he's foreign so the jocks are predisposed to hate him

Evans-the loud jock. He's not as douchey as Koscheck, but he definitely thinks he's cooler

Griffin-the weird guy. He's freakin weird! But he says enough funny stuff to be at the top of the foodchain.

Kongo-the cheat. The guy who cheats in gym so his team can win and throws a fit when he gets caught doing it.

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