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Was my birthday Sunday, so I've been in a pretty much perpetual state of anti-sobriety. If there was a time in the past two weeks or so that I wasn't drunk, it was probably because I was hungover.

Anyway. I hardly lifted in that period, I think only twice. The first session was pretty horrific. I did maybe one set of deadlifts (albeit, 200lbs, no wraps, double overhand), one set of reverse curls, and then hit power cleans, which was comedically dumb looking. I unracked it at 135lbs after changing the weight around, and didn't get it more than a couple inches off the rack before I thought, "I don't think I can up this." Reracked, switched weights again, went for 115lbs. I layed her down by the fire, chalked up, hoisted the bird off the floor and got halfway through the flip then bellied her, thinking "I'll just turn this into a continental lift", started changing grip and remembered I wasn't doing clean and press, just power cleans. So I dumped her. Racked and switched weights, dropping down to an easy 85lbs. This being my first time doing power cleans, I'm not too embarassed in hindsight, really. Knocked out a set of 10 and a set of 6 then gave her up. I lifted one other time during this past two week period, doing only power cleans; went up to 105lbs and knocked out about two sets of 10, then called it out of laziness/hangover.

I did a little bit of shadowboxing yesterday, and once last week. Nothing to be proud of.

Corrected my diet these past couple days (though I still have some obligatory drinking to do this month) and today I got the spurt of energy I was looking for.

Did a very short couple of sets of pushups/pushup variations. This was this morning when I didn't think I was going to lift today. Did only about 8 reps per variation, only one set per variation. Started with regular pushups, knuckle (or waistline) pushups, clapping, diamonds, inclines, declines. Finished with broncos and then modified spiderman pushups.

Shadowboxed for about 30-40mins (didn't keep track tbh). A fairly slow paced shadowboxing session, more about playing with attacking at angles versus an imaginary opponent, moving in counterangles to their (offensive or defensive) angles, and counterstriking their (offensive or defensive) counters.

Did about a 20 minute bag session today. Because of the current setup/conditions, I'm not able to really play with angles, or work too much footwork, but it's still something I can hit that gives resistance.

Finally, we come to the real strength training session of the day. Holy. ****. Friday, so it's pull day. Decided to do a focus on grip/forearm, strength and size. Also decided to do a three exercise circuit with fairly compound pulling lifts that would threaten my grip hard and get me a sweat, then after the circuit I would do a few other exercises to make sure I really drained my batteries and got the focus on certain lifts that I wanted to. Breaks down as follows:

Circuit: 2 minutes/exercise, 30 second breaks between exercises, three total rounds (ended up stopping after two, however).
Exercises are as follows (in order):
Reverse Curls @ 35lbs
Deadlifts @ 100lbs
Alternating Dumbbell Half-Curls, Hammer Grip @ 25lbs/dumbbell

Everything that follows is at 3 sets of 10 reps:
Trap pulls @ 35lbs
Shrugs @ 100lbs
Dumbbell Wrist Curls @ 25lbs/dumbbell
Grip trainer (commercial grip trainer, probably only 100lbs of resistance I would estimate)

So, my forearms are killin', my biceps is swelled as hell, my traps look huge, lower back's hit and even my triceps and lats are feelin' it. Really tore up, and I'm lovin' it.

Feels good getting back into it.


Edit: Walked up stairs, and realized my quads hurt too, from so many rapid-fire deadlifts. Went to the store after posting to pick up an 18pack, and walking home, that shit was killer on my forearm. Love this kind of methodology. Must continue this sort of routine, I think.

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