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Evangelista by UD...

Billy Evangelista vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf - Round 1 - Spiritwolf with a big punch that puts Evangelista on his back. Spiritwolf landing some more big punches and Evangelista manages to stand back up and press him into the cage. Spiritwolf with a takedown now. Spiritwolf with a few punches and they're back to standing. Spiritwolf tries for a big takedown but he can't get it so Evangelista with a knee to the body. Evangelista with some knees to the body and an uppercut. Spiritwolf pushing him back to the cage but Evangelista with few good knees to the body. Nice knee to the body by Spiritwolf now. Huge right hand by Evangelista and now Spiritwolf fires back. A ton of action that round but Spiritwolf takes it 10-9 on the knockdown.

Round 2 - Evangelista on top on the ground but Spiritwolf stands up. Uppercut by Spiritwolf lands hard. Evangelista shoots in but can't get the takedown. Spiritwolf with the takedown but they stand back up. In the clinch Spiritwolf with a series of uppercuts. Now Spiritwolf is fading and Evangelista is pouring on the big strikes. Hard right hand by Evangelista. The round ends and again a ton of action and I'd say Evangelista just evened it up with a 10-9 round.

Round 3 - Jab by Spirtwolf and now Evangelista landing hard shots. Evangelist a is really able to tee off now and Spiritwolf looks completely gassed. Evangelista is really taking over now and landing combinations while Spiritwolf stumbles around and throws one punch at a time in return. Jab by Spiritwolf and a left but he eats a lot of hard punches for his trouble. Spiritwolf shoots and can't get the takedown. Spiritwolf's face is swollen and he is bleeding from the nose. Evangelista is landing bombs and Spirtiwolf keeps throwing back. Right hand by Spiritwolf and then he gets a slam as the fight ends. 10-9 Evangelista on my card but I have no idea how the judges are going to score this.

Billy Evangelista wins by unanimous decision (scorecards not read).

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