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Originally Posted by bene667 View Post
I've never done Groundfighting..but I've seen so many Guillotines where fighter managed to get out.
What's his secret? He didn't even tap.. it must have been really tight
Here's a technical-ish description given by someone on another board.

It's similar to a guillotine that Scott Epstein shows on the 10th planet all stars's just a variation of the traditional guillotine. And it appears to be very effective in the fact that even traditional counters/escapes (like getting to side control and circling towards the head) don't work well. It looks as though the best defense might be to tripod up and base on your head and use both hands to attack the grips on the "Mckenzitine". This defense is used for a traditional guillotine too, but you can get away with attacking the grips with one hand, but I think the Mckenzitine will need two hands focused on breaking grips and more importantly controlling the hand coming around the neck cutting off the carotid on that side.

I was surprised by Marc getting caught in the guillotine. Having trained with him I know he has very solid jiu jitsu (recently promoted to brown belt). This was a matchup that I thought Marc was far superior in every category. I'm sure in retrospect Marc would have had a different gameplan if he fought Cody again, preferring to keep it standing...or if he did take him down, not to shoot in on him, but rather clinch and use his greco. Marc's JJ is sick, but in this instance Cody's submission was better than Marc's submission defense.

I'd be surprised if anyone gets caught in the Mckenzitine again...I think because Cody looks goofy people underestimate him and don't think they'll get caught. But I think it should be obvious now that Cody is no joke. He appears to be a one trick pony right now, we haven't seen him show (or need to show) any other skills. His striking looked pretty bad from the clips they showed of him training, so I'd expect future opponents to avoid the ground game with him at all costs and try to keep it standing. But I'd like to see Cody continue to do well...he seems like a nice guy, and you got to love it when underdogs find ways to win.

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