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The healing process is coming along nicely I feel like I can work on just about anything I want to now, I Plan on giving myself till late-november though just to make sure things are good.

I've got two sparring partners I'm itching to work with now, I've maintained my core strength during the injury with situps along with some overhead pull-ups.

I definitely need to break-down and buy a pull-up bar rig for a doorway, it is definitely a pain going up stairs to work on the pull-ups.

I have given some thought to buying that perfect push-up contraption as well. I was working on some leather-work a while back and my friend who was helping me had one of them, it seemed nice when I did 5-push ups.

I will need to work on getting my cardio higher again, this means I'll be tossing on the 100-pound pack and going for early morning walks....even though they tear the shit out of your legs. I guess I am weak in my legs but given time I'll get some powerful legs once more!

To finish my desired list I would like to buy a military-grade pack that could hold up to 180 pounds of dead-weight.

I have a friend at work who is a retired army colonel, he was telling me when he served in the 10th mountain division they had a requirement of a 12-mile march that was to be done in under 3-hours with 60-pounds of total gear.

If I can pull off hauling 180-pounds on my body and doing the same I'll be well off I think haha!

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