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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
They both have certain advantages, however I would suggest Judo.

I cannot explain in words how frustrated I get watching fighters in the cage who are grappling on their feet, but never go for body throws, hip tosses, or leg sweeps. Things I ddo and think about doing on instinct. IMO Judo includes a great many techniques that are the perfect counter to not only most grappling clinches, but also the Thai clinch(not to say other forms of grappling dont include these, I'm just not educated in those). There are also many ground position techniques which are just as useful as BJJ, however I have found there are significantly more, at least from my training, movements designed to finish off one's back, not just sweep, which is advantageous against wrestlers.

There are many aspects of wrestling that are also very important. The single and double, top control, guard passes. These are all major groups of techniques that are essential to MMA groundfighting.

As said above there are possitives to both and you should train all the major aspects in both if possible. Starting with only one, go with Judo IMO. It's groundwork focuses on fighting off the back as much as on top, and it adds a lot of versatility to your takedown ability.
Yea wrestling is more like don't ever get on your back/get off your back as soon as possible mentality. I personally don't like fighting off my back, im just not dangerous to anyone who has any bjj experience from the bottom . but more than that I never feel threatened when im solidly on top, i mean a couple black belts could sub me from bottom if I got overzealous but being on top is a great place to be.

And their trips are rather awesome. The guy I grappled for 1st place was big into judo and right off the bat tripped me and put me on my ass. I mean I reversed it got the double leg and took him down almost instantly but im very rarely put on my ass.

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