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I was half an hour early so I did a variety of neck exercises beforehand. Skipping, combos on the pads, then drilling combos with a partner. In mma we did standing vs guard stuff...penetrating with the knee, upkicks, rolling back after the upkicks to a stand to a take down, technical standups. We got to roll, and I rolled with Tim, the instructor who I had a large size advantage but handled pretty well, staying on top, advancing positiong, and pounding. Then we did MMA drills which are 1 min shadowboxing, 1 minute heavybag, 1 minute ground and pound on a heavybag, for 5 minutes total per round...45 seconds rest inbetween and we did 3 rounds.

Good class, except a noob pad holder ****ed up big time and I kicked two elbows directly, my shin is aching pretty good.

We got our place in Langley!!! Moving in at the end of the month, new city, new house, new job, and most importantly a gym upgrade. Once I'm settled out there I'll ask for my gym or Kajan to start looking for a fight for me.
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