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Originally Posted by Vale_Tudo View Post

And now next week he's gonna grab his throat! Seriously, you're a contender for the UFC WW Championship, we all know you can beat up 97% of the worlds population In a fight.
Yes, you will probably be able to beat up a male nurse aswell!
But why act like such a ******* douche about It?

Hopefully there wont be a nurse to take care of him after he's destroyed by GSP! For once, Id actually like to see someone get so hurt In the cage their fighting career Is done!
You're so right! It's easy to pick on people if you're stronger. It's time for DW to speak to him..attacking a medic on the show should be a no go!
I hope, GSP is going to jump in!
I think, GSP against Kos is going to be a totally boring fight... unfortunately..i want GSP to destroy him!
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