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Originally Posted by attention View Post
cardio will burn calories 'while' you are working your heart... but the purpose of cardio isnt to help you lose 'fat'... its for 'heart health'.

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT 'will' trigger you body to burn fat by burning off the glycogen ... basically, you just want to trick your body into thinking that it needs to tap reserves... so you dont need to run/bike for hours on end... just blow away all those reserves with quick bursts (triggering the fight/flight) and your body will follow up by trying to replenish it asap.

Also, do resistance training... Cardio will burn calories for the time that you are actually doing the that 1 hour... and thats it. Resistance training will get you burning calories for the remaining 23 hours of the day while your body attempt to repair all those torn muscle fibers.

Its all about getting your body busy doing shit all day, even while idle... ramping up your metabolism... burning calories while you sit on your hump

BUT the most important thing is what you eat... food will account for 90% of your fat loss.
Make sure you always eat protein with good carbs... like 6 times a day... that will increase your metabolism as your body comes to expect food all the time... so you wake up with your gut grumbling and you go to sleep with your tummy satisfied

Most of my classes are interval training... it's how our trainers get us fitter... lots of quick bursts and short rests...

We have kinesis machines which I use, which is resistance training... my PT incorporates this into my weekly routine...

I'll try kicking up the resistance... I'm pretty fed up... 1 year and I've successfully gained the weight I'm now trying to lose and I can't figure out why

Thanks for your help!
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