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I did too, don't worry about it. Fujii did not fight like that in the whold tourney, and Frausto is not the same fighter that we saw against Aguilar. She worked hard apparently and deserved that dec:

Round 1 - Both fighters come out in a low stance. Fighters trade punch attempts, but both miss. Fujii is a south paw. Left hand lands for Fujii. Nice middle kick lands for Frausto. Left hand from Fujii nails Frausto and temporarily knocks her down. Fujii is doing the stalking while Frausto circling both into and out of Fujii's power hand. Left hand lands for Fujii. Twice. Right hand lands a little for Frausto. Shovel punch from Frausto misses the mark. Head kick for Frausto lands and more punches from the underdog. Fujii is reeling and Frausto pounces. The Japanese phenom is saved by the bell. Frausto steals the round. 10-9 Frausto.

Round 2 - Right hand lands for Fujii. And another left. Frausto throws another head kick, but misses. Another left hand for Fujii. Another head kick misses and is almost caught by Fujii. Both fighters trade punches, but Fujii appears to land more. Fujii stil doing all of the stalking. Left and a right for Fujii. Make that another right for the Japanese fighter. Middle kicks lands for Frausto off of a missed punch. Frausto still "launching" punches from her shoulder as she reaches off balance, but hitting mostly air. Much more measured round. Easy call. 10-9 Fujii.

Round 3 - Fujii goes right back to stalking. Fujii throwing a ton of feints, both wrestling and striking. Inside leg kick lands for Frausto. Right hand for Fujii finds the mark. Nice inside leg kick by Frausto, but she's still backing up and hitting lots of air on her reaching strikes. Left hand to the middle lands for Frausto. And another big left as Fujii got out of position. Frausto lands another left, but misses with a head kick. No takedown attempt in sight for Fujii. Outside leg kick for Frausto. Big right from Frausto barely misses. You can tell who is winning the round based on who is stalking. Another big leg kick and punches land for Frausto. Fujii taking a fair amount of shots here. Much more damage done by the challenger. 10-9 Frausto.

Round 4 - And, again, Fujii goes right back to stalking. Still no attempt from Fujii to find the takedown. Not much landing for serious damage to open the round as both fighters trade punches. Nice inside leg kick for Frausto finds the mark as does a left hand. And another inside leg kick. Left hand lands as she steps in for Fujii. Finally the Japanese fighter clinches. Frausto still clinched, but puts Fujii's back against the cage. Fujii tries to uchi mata Frausto over, but the challenger was able to whizzer out. Two big right hands land for Frausto. 10-9 Frausto.

Round 5 - like every round before it, Fujii opens the round stalking Frausto. Takedown attempt shrugged off by Frausto. Nice body shit by Fujii. Frausto answers with an inside leg kick. Fujii is ducking coming in trying to get close to Frausto, but eats a few shots in the process. Fujii throws a left and uses it to close the distance, but can't get anywhere with the takedown. Both fighters land nice punches on each other. Nice left hand lands again for Fujii, but Frausto lands one of her own. Fujii goes for the single leg against the cage, but can't get it. With a minute left, both fighters look very battered. Nice left for Fujii lands in an exchange. Fujii goes for a double, gets stuffed, but changes angles and finishes the takedown. Frausto looks exhausted. Fujii ends the round and fight on top. 10-9 Fujii. scores this fight 48-47 Frausto.

The judges score it 48-47 Frausto, 48-47 Fujii, 49-46 Frausto. Frausto wins by split decision.

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