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Lombard defends his title by UD:

Round 1 - Referee Troy Waugh is the third man in the cage. Fighters start the fight throwing huge punches, Lombard landing most of them. Lombard is literally walking Shlemenko down. An uppercut and right hand land for Lombard. Lombard gets the takedown and lands a monster elbow. Shlemenko rolls and Lombard lets Shlemenko stand. The fighters separate standing. Middle kick lands for Shlemenko, but Lombard catches it and takes the Russian down. Shlemenko hits the uppa sweep, but Lombard recovers the top position in Shlemenko's guard. Both fighters seem to have slowed down. Lombard lands another big elbow from Shlemenko's closed guard. And another. Shlemenko's face is a mess, but the Russian appears to be game. 10-9 Lombard.

Round 2 - Shlemenko throws spinning back kick that misses and Lombard gets the takedown. Shlemenko, however, stands. Side kick for Shlemenko lands, but Lombard executes a single leg takedown. The ATT product is now working on top. Nice elbow for Lombard lands with Shlemenko's head against the cage. Shlemenko stands back to his feet, but is dragged back down. Yet, Shlemenko stands back up again. Right hand finds the mark on Shlemenko's chin. Shlemenko throws a knee, but is double legged to the ground before he could sit into the strike. 10-9 Lombard.

Round 3 - Right hand for Lombard lands. Shlemenko, the taller fighter, trying to land kneeds in tight. Lombard dives for Shlemenko's legs and gets the takedown. Lombard working from the closed guard of the Russian, trying desperately to land an elbow. Referee Troy Waugh stands the fighters up due to inactivity. Nice knee by Shlemenko to Lombard's life side. Shlemenko going over and over to the body with punches and kicks, but Lombard gets another double leg. Lombard working on top, but not doing much. Referee stands them up again. Spinning back kick lands to the body of Lombard. Another knee to the body by Shlemenko, another takedown and another as Shlemenko tries to stand. VERY close round, but decent strikes plus too much wrestling from Lombard makes him the winner. 10-9 Lombard.

Round 4 - Side kick from Shlemenko misses. Both fighters patiently their turn to find the time to attack. Lombard catches a kick and drives Shlemenko into the fence. And from there, gets the takedown. Shlemenko creates space and stands back up. Knee to the body from Shlemenko as the fighters clinch in the center of the cage. Lombard changes levels quickly and gets another takedown. Shlemenko gives his back and tries to stand. Lombard thought about getting both hooks in, but abandons it. Lombard tosses Shlemenko to that mat, but the Russian rolls out and stands again. Middle kick from Shlemenko, but a right hand from Lombard as well as another takedown. Lombard not doing much on top. Left hand from Lombard lands as does a middle kick from Shlemenko. He's not doing much to take it, but Lombard is doing just enough. 10-9 Lombard.

Round 5 - Head kick from Shlemenko misses. Fighters clinch and trade shots, both landing big. Lombard changes levels but couldn't complete the takedown. Lombard is hanging out in the clinch. Spinning back first for Shlemenko partially lands, but doesn't appear to hurt Lombard. Lombard catches another middle kick and rolls Shlemenko over to the ground. Shlemenko gives his back and tries to stand, but the referee separates them. Spinning back fist and follow up from Shlemenko lands. So does another knee from a takedown attempt. Both fighters taking deep breaths. Shlemenko throwing every punch he can at Lombard, some landing, most not. Shlemenko throws a knee, but is wrapped up by Lombard again. 10-9 Shlemenko. scores the bout 49-46 Lombard. The judges score the bout 49-46 for Hector Lombard. The champion retains his title.

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