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Not to discount the capacity of beginners, these 9 Muay Thai routines for advanced workout trainees can take those men who’ve been working out for years to another level of intense workout...

The Ultimate Muay Thai Workout
October 27th, 2010 tess
This kind of training aimed mostly to advancers in training at the gym. This kind of training is geared towards the development of muscles and burning of calories. It also helps develop and improve strength, endurance, alertness and the ability to be trained effectively to punch and kick.

Here are the 9 Muay Thai intense training workout routine:

1. Warm-Up. You can run, bounce or skip for 15 to 20 minutes to sweat out and awaken your body to be ready for an intensive training. This involves stretching to improve your flexibility level.

2. Running. This increases your stamina aside from strengthening your upper and lower legs. Do this everyday for at least 20-30 mins early in the morning.

3. Skipping. This is done to increase agility and empower the body to a higher level of endurance. Good coordination and great stamina must be achieved in order to execute properly and effectively the movement in Muay Thai workout. You can use skipping rope or just skipping without the paraphernalia. Bear in mind that you need to be alert to shift one leg to another.No bouncing using your two feet.

4. Free Weights. Using barbell or dumbells give resistance endurance of your core muscles, thus elevates your capacity to endure intense punches and kicks. Get lighter free weights and execute as many repetitions. When you get heavy free weights training it is best for body building stunts not boxing.

5. Bag and Pad Routine. This is done by repetitive punching practce on boxing bags and pads.

6. Speed Ball. The usage of speed ball will help you improve your movement coordination and strengthen your shoulders.

7. Shadow Boxing. This is a muay thai workout where you kick and punch in front of a mirror in order to determine the correctness and preciseness of your movements.

Shadow Boxing

8. Sparring. This will teach you to control your opponent by practicing arm-locking and neck clinching stints with your sparring partner. This is an important element in muay thai training. It gauge how well you’ve gone through your training.

9. Mental Training. The last training method but not the least. Mental preparation is essential to success. It is the psychology of fighting and winning. Mental toughness can be trained and taught but requires a lot of discipline as the physical part of training. Mental training includes visualization and positive thinking. There is a need for a good visualization as a great athlete. You need to visualize every detail in aiming for a win. You must eat, sleep and breathe success. Winning and succeeding is the first thing you must think when you wake up in the morning and the last thing to think about before you sleep. Learn to mentally practice every aspect of your game over and over in detail in your mind and think positive. Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. Our thoughts are one of the only things we can actually control. Therefore, we must be positive and consistent with our goals.

So, if you carry on these important routines involve in this muay thai training, you can be assured to effectively endure the different sets of kicks, punches and turns. It will also allow you to trim down and develop muscles at the same time. Muay Thai training takes a lot of hardwork. And becoming a good fighter, you must go through a lot of physical and mental strain. To become a sound muay thai fighter needs sheer dedication, commitment and never say die attitude.
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