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Neck Strained after getting Guillotined

I had my first sparring session in real wrestling/submission training yesterday.

I was not prepared for this, even though I am in fairly ok shape, and I have pretty good natural balance, flexability and hip strength.

but the last time I did wrestling was in high school.
Now I am 25,
But because I scraped my elbow a few days b4, the coach taped my right elbow up, and made my whole right arm able to fully flex
I went for a double leg takedown against another fairly new guy, but he went for the guillotine which I could have defended with my right arm if my right elbow wasnt all taped up.

But he wasnt very skilled at the choke, so the choke was loose, however I was new, and took me 20 secs or more to get out of it.
at the time it didnt hurt at all.

But after like 10 mins, the back of my neck felt so strained that I barely can move it.
I put some pain killer cream on it right after, made it feel better. After I got home, I put a heat pack on the back of my neck the whole night.
Today the neck still feel strained as hell.

I dont think anything is broken, but I wonder how can I be sure, and about how many days will it take for me to recover.
And should I stop sparring in wrestling until I can strengthen my neck, or just be careful next time?
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