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The fight was a draw, but they gave it to Cobb however they do that. He should've won anyway, and you guys betting on the underdog are getting paaaaaid.

Round 1: Cobb is immediately docked a point on the judges' scorecards for missing weight yesterday. The American grabs a guillotine, but Yokota squirms free. Cobb briefly takes Yokota's back, then it's back to the feet, where Yokota begins working outside leg kicks. Cobb puts Yokota down with a power double-leg, lands a few knees to the head before Yokota stands with Cobb still on his back. Cobb muscles him down again, sinks in one hook, but it swept by Yokota. They restart in center ring and work to their feet, where Yokota starts mixing up his punches to the head and body. Cobb catches a sloppy leg kick and drags Yokota down.Yokota gets back up and trips Cobb down in the waning seconds. Cobb winds up on top after Yokota drops for a leglock. 10-9 Cobb.

Round 2: Slapping leg kicks from Yokota to open up, prompting a takedown from Cobb. They scramble back up, where it's Yokota putting Cobb on his back. Yokota stands and shucks the leg of Cobb, passing to rear side mount. Cobb turtles and easily stands. They battle for the trip takedown, but neither gets it. Cobb goes for a leg kick, but Yokota chops the other leg out from under Cobb and seems to stun him with a left hook. Yokota rushes in, trapping Cobb in the corner. Cobb sweeps for just a second, before Yokota gets back in his guard. Yokota trying to stack his man up and stomp as the round expires. 10-9 Yokota.

Round 3: Chopping leg kick spins Cobb around. Yokota glances a right hand off Cobb's temple that stumbles the wrestler. Yokota looking to string together combos, instead rushes Cobb into the ringpost. Cobb takes his back standing, then drags Yokota to the ground, searching for the rear-naked choke. Just as Yokota seems to be free and gets to his feet, Cobb sinks the choke in. Cobb trying to finish the RNC with one arm, as Yokota has the other trapped underneath them. Cobb gives up the choke and mounts Yokota, and they're restarted in the center of the ring. Cobb hops on Yokota's back again and Yokota slips out the back door. Yokota begins pouring punches on Cobb, prompting Cobb to clinch up. He's on Yokota's back, kneeing to the thighs. Yokota gets loose in the last 20 seconds and tries to punch away, but it's too late. 10-9 Cobb in the final round. After the point deduction, it's a 28-28 draw on our unofficial card.

Brian Cobb def. Kazunori Yokota via split decision (28-28, 29-30, 28-28)
* Two judges scored the bout a draw, with both giving the "must decision" to Cobb, awarding him the win by split decision.

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