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MMA in movies/T.V

I don't mean the lame MMA movies like "Unrivalled" with that Argentinian guy, but has anyone else noticed that some movies/T.V have started incorporating MMA/BJJ techniques into them?
  • In the new Bruce Willis film RED, he gets a guy in an omoplata and pops his shoulder out.
  • MMA is breifly mentioned in Iron Man 2.
  • In Inception Eames gets a guy in a Ezekiel Choke?? (in mid air might I add).
  • In Entourage; I once saw Drama working out hitting stuff,with MMA gloves on (either pads or a heavy bag, I can't remember) and a seperate episode was all about Chuck Liddell kicking his ass.

There are probably others I haven't noticed/forgot.

Dunno if I'm maybe looking into things waaaaay too much, but is this possibly a testament to the growth of MMA that it is breaking into the mainstream like this?
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