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Dr. Krav...nose, throat, and groin.
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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
It urks me to no end.....Oh hey look somebody standing right beside the octagon ......oh I think I will film him just standing there......OH LOOK Kos is messing with him ...boy am I glad I was filming somebody standing by the OCTAGON........Ugh
It's not set up. You are completely forgetting about the Octagon Proximity Douchebag Aggression Factor(OP-DAF). It is a well known disorder common to fraggle-haired douchbags. When in the throes of a OP-DAF attack, the poor, unsuspecting douchebag is not in control of his or her words or actions. In fact, I support a new tax on all NOS-enhancing pre-workout supplements that will be used to study OP-DAF, and see if we can't find a cure to end the suffering of these misunderstood, and much maligned douchebags.
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