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If I was you, I really wouldn't waste my time or my/my parents' money on supplements at this point. Supplements aren't magic, they're just there to supplement your diet and training when you've reached a certain (high) level. And given your age and demeanor, I'd doubt that you're at a point that calls for supplements.

Not to mention that if your diet isn't virtually PERFECT, supplements are really a major waste of money. The only reason to take most supplements is if you're strength training so hard and so often that you can't get enough protein from foods in your diet.

If you're absolutely set on using supplements, I'd go slow. Start with a simple whey protein for recovery. I haven't tried N.O. Shotgun personally, but from what I can tell it's only for very serious athletes. From the cost alone you could infer that only someone with too much money or sponsorship could take Shotgun on a regular basis. $65 for 1.3lbs of NO Shotgun vs $45 for 5lbs of Whey Protein? Really?

If nothing else, it says right on the label that persons under 17 years of age shouldn't take NO Shotgun.

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