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So today I worked out with my training partner. I felt pretty good about the workout as a whole, but there were aspects needing major remodeling!

The workout overall ended up being approx 2 hours. Not bad for a scrub, but I want to fight Amay or Pro in a year, which means I need to workout a whole helluva lot more than I am now, or just for up to twice as long in a session once a day...

We started out with padwork. First it was focus mitts, inprovisational, not pre-determined combinations. Then moved on to Thai pads. With the Thai pads I worked on ending a basic 1-2 combination with a lead leg kick. Its been a long, long time since I worked leg kicks (I was training for a pure kickboxing tournament in Columbus, Ohio for nearly a year), and I was a rusty mofo! This became apparent later on...

There was a very short period where I worked takedowns. It had been just as long since I'd attempted a takedown, and I've never been very good at them. I wanted to work on the basic technique of a takedown and pretty much hammer those fundamentals of: head to the inside, hip level, power through, that I'd been lackadaysical about for some time! I shot to the outside a couple times, annoying as hell! I failed miserably to even land a single once. But in general I felt that those basics were still burned in there, just rusty.

Next we moved on to sparring. Since it was that first big push back into MMA I wanted to keep things eclectic. So it was set up to be 1 rnd of stand up and takedowns, 1 rnd of dirty boxing and clinch fighting w/ takedowns, and 1 rnd of pure groundfighting.

In the first round of sparring, I checked a leg kick and dropped my hands (what a moron right!) and got cracked in the face with a straight right. Thank god he had 16s on or I'd have been in serious trouble! I kept working leg kicks and jabbing trying to keep control, but I didn't try and put combinations together or change levels for any kind of takedown/throw, it was a very meh performanc on my part that leaves me annoyed at myself.

In the second round of sparring, we started against the wall with one person in the dominant position, if there was a takedown, or someone had had enough, we'd swap dominant position. I'm proud to say I stayed in the dominant position the entire round! I started out with a couple knee attempts that were checked. But I managed to land a few solid knees to the body before my opponent started tying my leg up with one of his to limit my ability to knee. I tried to keep mixing up with my hands and keep my body weight and pressure against his chest with my shoulder/head the entire time. I was consistantly landing an overhead hook to the side of his head, but whenever I tried to lean back slightly and go for an elbow over the top, I would lose contol of the position, so I stuck with the hook. I even experimented with 6-12 elbows to the body. My training partner described them as "annoying" and not damaging, so they need work. I was happy that I managed to keep in control of the position and grind my opponent for the full round. Perhaps I'm not a slouch in the clinch!

In the third round of sparring, we played a game of rock paper scissors to decide who would be on top in full guard. I won. At first it was extremely difficult to better my position. He was using a closed guard and I lack a lot of the wrestling training needed to easily better my position on the fly, its still very technical and not muscle memory. At one point his legs started to slacken, a result of his exhaustion, he said later his legs were "starting to go numb."I tried to slide free but he tightened back up. Eventually I lifted up to almost a standing position, he attempted an armbar, but I'd succeeded in breaking his guard and rolled over into side contol. I did a bit of GnP from this position, but wanted to better it even more, so I attempted to gain the mount, his far side leg came up and caught mine, sliding me back into half guard, I worked a bit from half guard. I kept my chest against his chest the whole of the time on the ground (I've read or heard somewhere that this makes it harder to sweep and helps keep the person on top in better balance and control). I managed to slide my leg free and slid back into side control. I attempted the mount again and succeeded this time, but he swept me to my back into full guard when I went for an armbar and couldn't get it locked in properly, because I didn't slide my body properly as I dropped into the armbar so he was able to pull it free and escape! With me on the bottom he was in half guard, but when he attempted the mount I used a kind of modified butterfly with my knee to push him back and slid him to full. He tried to grind me with short elbows and punches, but the round ended. I felt like I did pretty good in this area. I have known for some time that my grappling is meh at best, and my top control has been abhoredly bad. But I feel that I have made decent improvements. I need to really think about where I went wrong with that armbar and look into developing MUCH better technical JJ if I want to be able to finish on the ground.

My diet has been alright these past few days and weeks. I've had a few snacks and meals that those Nazi health buffs would call, "f-ing terrible for you" but what do they know right! I feel kind of lighter. I know this is a psychological sensation, I read somewhere what brings it on, but can't remember, however I do know that I feel looser in all aspects of my game. I am just hoping this feeling actually translates to legitimate ability!

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