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Originally Posted by HDaren View Post
This is my list so far:
-Josh Koscheck (Alive so I can pluck his pubic-hair off his freaking head) $250,000
-Sevak Whateverthehellhislastnameis - Because his voice is so damn annoying, and he's a suck up to Kos just like his whole team. $150,000
-Bruce Leeroy - That's self explanitory. $150,000

Feel free to add to my list.
Those 3 are the ones that piss me off on TUF as well.
I really hope Jonson wipes the floor with Bruce Leeroy and that GSP absolutely destroys Kos in their, fight like he did to Fitch.
Sevak Blablabladude isn't as high on my list, I just kind of feel sorry for him, being the personal butt-boy of Kos, and losing as well :P

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