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Originally Posted by ragewear View Post
but the thing that i love about mcnabb is that he is a pretty down to earth guy. he doesn't seem to seek out attention like t.o. or ochocinco. i know he's not the best quarterback but he is 100% better than grossman!

of course.. he's a QB .. but don't get it twisted.. he's a Diva .. which was part of the problem he had with TO when they were with the Eagles.. McNabb got angry because TO was stealing the spotlight..

McNabb is an undercover Diva.. he cares & worries about his public image.. Philly fans have a more in-depth knowledge about his character/personality.. which is why Philly fans get so irate when he fakes that "Mr. Company" personality on National TV ..

McNabb, his father, and mother were all upset at Philadelphia when Jeff Garcia took over for McNabb during his injury.. The McNabbs were upset at Philly fans because:
1. Jeff Garcia was doing well
2. they felt it was a slight against McNabb because Philly fans were rooting for Jeff Garcia
(and no.. i am not exaggerating.. she was quoted for both comments)

It was so bad that McNabb had to put out a comment for his parents.. !

That was not the only time.. there were plenty others..

Lastly.. when McNabb was traded to the Redskins.. Papa McNabb compared McNabb's trade to the resurrection of Jesus Christ ..

It's an accumulation of many things that McNabb and his family have done.. that have turned off Philly fans..

McNabb has that 'Im a victim' mentality.. it's so annoying.. When he's on National TV.. he tries to persuade the National Audience of how good of a guy he is .. it's all fake..

Is Rex Grossman better than McNabb? No... but the difference is not that great.. Not to mention.. McNabb is unable to run the 2-minute offense.. Coach Shannahan is no dummy..

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