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Sorry, it's been awhile I've been busy and my internet is on a stolen shaky connection until I get my own next week.

So we've made the move to langley this halloween, got a little drunk to celebrate, didn't sleep much. =)

The new jobs SUCKS it's a ******* grind compared to my old one in chilliwack. I liked cooking in the old restaurant because I had been around there forever, could listen to my ipod all day, hit on waitresses, work casually and still do a better job than most. However this new kitchen takes itself seriously and I don't get a ******* second to myself all day. The only advantage in this is that being busy makes the day go by faster. Still, I have to wake up at 5:30am now, and by the end of my shift I feel like I'm 80 years old. I get my nap in after work, then go train until 9:00 and hope to god I can fall asleep when I get home.

With that said, trainings been down a bit for the move, but I've been picking it back up these past two days.


Simple combo drils, followed by sparring. God sparring is awkward, it's been awhile. Did decently but it was against a noob. In MMA we did a ton of wrestling, mostly around defending and countering a double leg. I got lots of rounds in with some bigger guys afterwards and was mostly dominant.


MMA No Gi Advanced
Bibiano Fernandes was teaching along with Bruno
We learned attacking the turtle, a real easy method of breaking the turtle that I've never seen before - hip attached as usual, seat belt grip, far knee jams between hip and elbow and roll diagonally with them, then moved into a RNC. Then we built on that, trapping the near arm in the turtle with your leg, then trying for the choke or rolling to hit the omoplata, they usually roll with you and then you have an easy advance into side control.

In rolling I did alright. Not great. Bruno was all over me, tapping me with a two guillotines and an armbar. I guess there's no shame in losing to him because he's very skilled, but it was still frustrating. I beat a decent guy with an arm triangle and a kimura from guard. I rolled a good guy that I haven't seen before, alot of back and forth but I couldn't finish him and made a silly mistake when he was going for a kimura from half guard. I found my way to mount but felt a twist and tapped too fast. I could have just leaned back and swung off for an armbar.

I feel myself tapping too fast lately. It's mental weakness that I can't allow to continue - you're exhausted, you want out, you get caught in something convincing that immediately hits your gag reflex or hurts a joint and you tap. There's many taps that I could relax and get through. Definitely have to get over it before my next fight.

Speaking of my next fight, saw Kajan today for the first time since the tournament. He said there's an opponent for me Jan 15th at a really well run amateur event in vancouver. The problem: He's a little heavier than 205. This was a little disheartening because I'm actually a good 10lbs under my normal weight since Brazil, and was looking at dropping to middleweight. So it doesn't look like it'll go through with this particular guy. If he can't make 205 2.5 months out, then he must be AT LEAST over 230lbs. I weighed 205 exactly today.
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