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Originally Posted by Couchwarrior View Post
It wouldn't matter much whether I was a rock star or an astronaut, it would still start to get annoying to listen to after the first 10-15 times Kos kept repeating the name of my profession with that stupid look on his face.
Bingo. I've worked my arse off to be where I am professionally. I'ma lawyer, and I'm sure Kos would do the same thing "[insert stupid Kos face] you're a lawyer I'M a fighter...I could choke you're a lawyer [/stupid Kos face]. "

Even though I'm proud of what I do, it would piss me off. The "fake a knee" face needs to be made into T-Shirts for the team to wear at the finale with the caption "Oh no! A knee!" or whatever Tate said. That would make me so happy....I'll pay for them. Let's make that happen!! Anybody make me that graphic as a signature?
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