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Wow, thats pretty extensive training. IT must be your diet. Females struggle a little bit more losing fat. Here is a tip. Losing Fat/weight is about 85% Diet, 15% excersize.

I can drop 50lbs in 6 weeks by cutting down to 1500-1800 calorie intake a day. And adding the treadmill to the end of my workout (5 days a week, 45 minute workout, 1 mile running).

Diet, Diet, Diet... Most people think they eat clean but really arent taking to the required level to drop weight, just maintain their weight.

I eat the same thing every day, eeevery day.. Just so I dont have to constantly wonder how many calories are in what. If you are consuming 2000 calories a day, especially a female, your not going to lose the weight.

Not only that, but you have to do it CONSISTENTLY for 3 months straight before you will notice, or your body finally realizes what your trying to do. Then the weight will start dropping FAST.

If you can help me out by listing your:

Age: (it will help determine your difficulty, I understand if you dont want to)
Daily calorie intake average:
list your diet, DONT LIE:
Do you drink soda?:

Your training regime is GREAT! You just need to take your diet more serious and you will drop the 22lbs in about 2 months.

I eat:
2 cups coffee, fat free creamer, 1 splenda
I take diet pills MHP anadrox (4 capsules)
Vegetable egg white omelette with salsa, 1/4 avocado for breakfast

11am BSN No Xplode NT Creatine NO 1 packet
I take diet pills MHP anadrox (4 capsules)

GYM 11:30am to 12:30pm
IMMEDIATLEY drink a protein shake (Casine,Egg, Whey Mixture)260 calories
Oh Yeah protein bar 370 calories

3pm piece of fruit (apple, banana, or orange)

Large salad with 1 chicken breast, feta cheese, almonds, brocolli, onions, tomatos, 1/4 Avocado, Bernsteins Italian Dressing.

8:30pm SOMETIMES if im hungry I will drink a Casine/Whey protein shake before bed.

I found what works for me, and something I enjoy eating every day. Everyone is different. I used to eat a chicken breast or salmon every day.. I dont think I will ever eat another piece of salmon in my life.

Post up your daily diet and we can help. Cut out the soda completely, no fast food, no fruit juice (unless its diet), no gatorade, no muscle milk, no flavored coffee creamer, no dessert, no bread, no pasta/rice after lunch. Some people may give me a hard time or try to argue this, its a bit extreme, but this is for people that have a hard time losing weight. It will work.

Also consider supplimenting Your EFA's (essential Fatty Acids), your body needs fat, so if you start cutting out all the fat in your diet your body will hold on to the fat that is in your body. So you need to overload it with GOOD Fat. EFA's, Fish oil, Flax Oil, sunflower oil, all your Omega 3, 6, 9. I just take fish oil capsules when I remember. But im at my target weight so I am just in maintainance mode now.

Dont worry about your training, that is plenty, it must be your diet is not as clean as you think.
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