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Originally Posted by Rocco1016 View Post
With all due respect.....why would you come on a website full of fans of MMA and post the dangers? There are dangers in everything you do from driving a car to riding a roller coaster because it may cause brain damage. My point is, there are numerous things in life that are risky. I don't think it's right to come on here and tell the world all the bad things about this sport. There are people with dreams that come to this site for guidance or advice and the last thing they want to read about is why they shouldn't go after their dreams or partake in the sport that they love. I am telling you this because I know first hand. I start training in January. You haven't discouraged me in the least but you may end up discouraging others. I am aware of the dangers just as I am aware that my chances of getting in a car accident are 1 in 16, but that doesn't stop me from driving. Go after your dreams people!! If fighting is what you want to do, DO IT!! I just wanted to state my opinion on the matter. No disrespect intended.
Im not sure if your talking to me or not but I do agree with what you said.
Everything has dangers even walking out your own front door runs a risk for anything.
Any type of contact sport has its risks and rewards. Its in the nature and the name. Contact gives it away.
I totally disagree with writing an entire article about the dangers of it to put people off as he has put himself off.
I fight knowing full well I could get hurt and im sure my opponents feel exactly the same but thats the nature of fighting.
Fight if you want to fight and fight a good fight thats what i say.

Its almost as if I like to be tapped out! lol
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