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Originally Posted by suniis View Post
I completely disagree!!

I have an accent, and my friends made fun of me and still make fun of me and my accent...

All good fun, nothing more than teasing...IMHO
Entirely different to joke bitween friends. I make stereotypical jokes about my jewish friends all the time, but it doesn't mean its ok for me to go to some random jewish guy and make fun of him.
Same thing with couple transfer student friends of mine, I dick around with them about their finnish skills while they make fun of my english accent, doesn't mean I would go to some poor refugee and trash him for not being able to speak finnish or english properly.

In my opinion that whole drama was overrated and nothing to go emo about, hell if you are supposed to be a professional fighter and can't handle a li'l bit of smacktalk you started without bursting into tears, you are propably in wrong business to begin with.
Just pointing out that its entirely different to make fun of your friends than make fun of people that aren't your friends. The context means alot.

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