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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
That apology was completely insincere as were his reasons listed during the apology. Saying he only attacked Tate because Tate was slammin his team? Well his team was slammin Tate, and Kos had been screwing with GSP and his team the whole time. And even if Kos hadn't been the instigator the whole time that's no excuse to lay hands on someone over words.

btw, when Tate was making fun of Savak? They started that shit. Here's a transcript of what was said between Savak and Tate right after Kos PANTSED TATE ON TV.

Tate: Thanks now your gunna get me some ***** showing my dick on national TV
Savak: it not gunna the get you the nothing.
Tate: Da der dad der dader what?
Savak: Have a you a ever been the cut?
Tate: Da der da what?
Savak: Yeah you are a the male nurse bro
Tate: I don't understand what you are talking about? (middle eastern accent)

Is it just me or was Savak actually trying to threaten to cut Tate?

Oh and lastly, GSP didn't hire Tate to push Kos' buttons. Tate is a good friend and longtime employee of Team Jackson, he's there to assist with training like the other coaches. GSP actually seemed pretty disappointed that Tate let himself get drawn into Kos' headgames, and according to Andy Main's video blog, GSP sent Tate home after this to avoid future incidents.
That's exactly what I heard. I actually think he repeated himself by saying "Have you ever been cut? I'll cut you."

Everything I've seen just shows Koscheck as the one who instigated the entire war of words and once he started losing he resorted to violence, just like most bullies. Josh also had the most insincere apology to Dane Sayers.

The whole "I'm sorry for pushing you in the face but you pushed me." seems like he was blaming Dane for the entire incident when it was Tate's hands in Josh's face from what I remember. Dane's hands were on Kos' shoulders from what I remember.
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