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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
Tate was just hanging out there by himself for what reason?

Didn't flinch or care that Koscheck just walks right up to him and sits down...

Extra camera man just happening to be standing by in the room with Tate...

Either they were told to make up or else that was just plain old scripted up the ying yang(likely both)...
a) there are cameras everywhere, all the time. its a reality show, they dont want anything interesting happening off tape, i believe its part of their contracts in fact. hell they even have had cameras in the bathrooms in the past. kos definitely ha dto know they would be following him in.

b) we dont know what all went on prior. maybe kos shooed everyone out of the room or something so they could talk. i do think kos went in there with an agenda. he was probably a little worried about the consequences of his actions, he could be kicked off the show, or at least look like a psycho on television (moreso than already, anyway).

but at the end of the day no i dont think they hand any of these guys scripts. there's really no need, people are stupid enough to make enjoyable reality tv without em. sometimes better than the writers. however i also don't think they are above telling kos "you'd probably better go apologize to that guy" so maybe you're right in that sense.

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