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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post

b) we dont know what all went on prior. maybe kos shooed everyone out of the room or something so they could talk. i do think kos went in there with an agenda. he was probably a little worried about the consequences of his actions, he could be kicked off the show, or at least look like a psycho on television (moreso than already, anyway).
I agree, he put his hands on Tate and it was on camera, that is a pretty big deal. I agree with others, in that everything Kos said he got pissed about he has been doing the entire show. They disrespected GSP's fighter with the banging on the wall. When Kos went to the house he was smack talking and disrespecting GSP's fighter's in the back yard. Kos has made fun of GSP's accent many times. So to get so upset because one of GSP's staff did it to his fighters is just disingenuous. Kos was making fun of a black man because of his profession, does that make him a racist as well? Since he implied being a male nurse is something bad, maybe he is just a homophobe?
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