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Originally Posted by Nefilim777 View Post
Yeah, despite cutting out the Kos apology [which was nice to see], its still slightly besides the point. Kos started the beef with the nurse and then Sevak jumped on the band wagon, which isn't on at all. The contestants should have the utmost respect for their opposition and their staff and team Koscheck has had all the decorum of a redneck rapist. This also negates the idea that GSP hired the nurse to get at Kos. Although not sure why they need a team paramedic when there's paramedics on call the whole time.
The on-call paramedics are there for legitimate injuries like thrown out backs, broken bones, dislocations etc, tings you need a hospital for. But things like swelling, muscle strains, etc, these are things a single paramedic in use of the team can handle very easily on his own without a visit to the ER, hell a basic EMT could handle that kind of stuff.

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