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Originally Posted by Rocco1016 View Post
With all due respect.....why would you come on a website full of fans of MMA and post the dangers?
Well, given that Ivan and I are both journalists who cover MMA (though I suppose Ivan "was" a journalist, since he's retired now), we talk about it for the same reason that the guys on ESPN were talking about the head injuries in football after Gladwell published his piece on them: because it's important.

Many of my good friends are professional fighters. They're some of the best people out there, and I'm as big a fan of the sport as anyone (and also a huge supporter of football) but I'm not talking about it from the standpoint of a fan. I'm talking about it from the standpoint of someone who looks at the history of the sport and combat sports in general and worries about the future of fighters, precisely because many of my friends are among them. (and because when I see an issue in the sport, I write about it)

If you read my article on MMAOpinion or Ivan's article on his site, you'll notice that neither of those articles advocates against MMA. Certainly, as a fan of MMA and someone who makes some money writing about it from time to time, I'd never advocate that. But to talk about the sport, and the way the sport is covered, without discussing potential risks from time to time is like talking about buying a new car without talking about crash test standards: it makes no sense.

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