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Took friday/weekend off to rest my weary bones and prepare for a hard week. My goal this week is to hit 10 classes, going to put the strength and conditioning on hold for a bit with this new schedule and increased competition.

Jiu Jitsu No Gi Advanced
With Bibiano again, warmup, technique was de la riva guard sweeps. The essential is to grip their nearest ankle with your foot. In de la riva your same side leg is behind their gripped leg, while the far leg is on their far hip. First sweep, as they stuff the leg and pass to side, you move your hip foot so the shin is under their trapped leg, triangle your legs and extend/drive them via that leg. Another sweep from the same position, is to take your hooked leg and sweep out their far foot, as you drive at the waist with your other leg, keeping the grip on their foot. In rolling I got quite a few decent ones. **** I'm exhausted...what the hell did I do in rolling today...first round was with Tim, the boxing coach, we had lots of back and forth with me mostly on top getting stumped by his half guard but not swept. He did get a heel hook, which is always a questionable tap as most people approach those situations with extreme caution. In another round I dominated a big boy that I rolled in the tournament, though I couldn't finish. Was on his back most of the round. Kajan showed me a mistake I made on an armbar I failed from back. I need to drop my body to the mat as I'm going off to the side, that way I can frame his weight off of me. Another round I got a round with a guy who will hopefully be my training partner more often now, Baker, a pro fighter at about my weight who just got back from brazil. Lots of back and forth again, with me on top quite a bit but unable to finish. He got an ankle lock from guard.

Jiu Jitsu Beginners
Mostly just relaxed and caught my breath. Helped out some of the newbies. Jumped in for rolling, got a really skilled but much smaller kid and we just flowed around trying different things lightly. Rolled a bigger guy who was pretty new, taught him some guard passes and made sure to practice a few of my transitions and took a triangle from mount. Rolled a really strong guy who was new to jiu jitsu but seemed to be a wrestler or something. Had fun with playing guard, threatening armbars and triangles. I caught an underhook on one arm and used it to pendulum sweep him. Something I'm glad to get working in No Gi because besides the hip bump, it's my bread and butter sweep. Then I rolled Baker again. He kept commenting that I like to headbutt. Hopefully he doesn't hate me now, I need this training partner. Luckily he tried playing guard again, if he started on top I'd probably be ****ed. I caterpillared my way past his guard, and found mount. Couldn't finish from mount, a classic dilemna of mine in training. I like it better when you can just punch them.

Shadowboxing, drilled simple combos along with bouncing back and circling out of harms way for pretty much the whole class. Sparred a new guy, nice and light. Flowed a bit better today but still alot to go, and god knows how rusty my muay thai is going to be.

Saw Kajan, he said there's a fight for me January 15th in Vancouver. My opponent is 1-1 and just coming off a second round rear naked choke win over a teammate (one that I don't know). The fight is at 190lbs catchweight, which is right where I wanted. I'm sitting at about 205 right now, so we'll diet down to 198 or so and cut the rest. Hopefully everything works out for this fight, I'm VERY excited. Here we go again!
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