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I agree with HexRei. Although if you want to make a valid point, it could be that it would be a safe bet to guess that so far in Sevak's career, a male nurse has probably made more money than him in the last 4 years. (At least if you would only include his fighting career) An RN makes an average 60k per year. That is nice and a steady income. An average fighter who has only been booked on small time shows probably isn't making that much money. It wouldn't surprise me if Sevak has had a job on the side to make sure that he has had a steady income over the last few years during his off time. There is nothing wrong that at all either. Being a working man and a professional mixed martial artist would be impressive. We all need to put some bread on the table, and it is tough these days. Good for him if he is doing things like that. The only point I want to make is, why make fun of someone who is probably very financially secure and helps people at the same time when you're probably making less money and aren't exactly as beneficial to the world with your profession as they are? An RN beats a low tier mixed martial artist in every category. I guess that doesn't matter to Sevak because his profession is more "manly" in his eyes. Then again, that is debatable. I think apart of being a man is helping people as well.

Sorry for the rant, and I don't mean to be disrespectful to MMA fighters who haven't made it very far in their careers yet. It's a good profession and who knows, Sevak may make it far and end up more than financially secure because of his career. Just at this point in time, I don't know how much he makes but it's safe to say that he isn't making much and isn't making a difference in the world either with his career. He has no right putting someone else down for making a difference in the world. Even if he were headlining UFC cards, he wouldn't. Money isn't everything, after all. I just brought up the point about salaries to show another point of where an RN may have him beat.

HexRei is right when he said how bringing up Sevak's income shouldn't matter anyway, although the point was only used because it makes him look even more ignorant about making fun of male nurses. Money shouldn't matter but now Sevak has absolutely no grounds on making fun of them. He has no case other than saying "lawlz, it's not manly." and that was proven to be a false claim in my opinion.

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