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Today was a good day of training. I spent the day on tightening up my striking techniques with my hands and kicks.

I can say I definitely need to work on my shadow-striking game more often than I do currently. I have been getting some decent instruction from a friend of mine who is a retired amateur boxer. This guy was crazy in his day one of his best losses ended in his being knocked out, but he ended up throwing a monstrous hook to his opponent's jaw that cracked in in two different places.

He has been helping tighten up my right-hook which is feeling pretty damned nice. The biggest thing that was plaguing the right-hook was the fact that my elbow was dropping before impact. I have been told that if you keep your elbow around shoulder height you can produce vastly greater power in the strike.

Over the course of today, I spent an hour this morning and an hour this evening working on the shadow-strikes. I know people have told me it is one hell of a workout and I definitely know that to be damned true now. I want to focus on this for a few weeks now while I gain power in my upper-body at the same time working on those 50-pound lifts.

I have one issue when I throw the thai roundhouse when I'm shadow-striking....It sounds odd but I feel so comfortable when I can throw the strike into a bag but when I throw it into thin-air it feels completely un-natural. How do you combat that feeling? Is it a mental issue?

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