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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
How have you been, you've been rather quiet.
Yeah, kinda been in my own world the past couple weeks. But I image I should log at some point!

(Why not now!)

So over the past weeks I've been doing some soul searching. Little of it related in any way to MMA, but it did take president over any training, so its only in the past week I've been working out on the reg again!

I did that sparring session with my training partner, one round of stand up/takedown, one round of dirty boxing/takedown, and one round of groundfighting. It felt good and we decided to keep things rolling along similar lines. Ecept instead of 1, 1, 1, it was 3, 3, 3, followed by the circuit style to fail. Things didn't quite work out that way...

We started with the usual stretching/incoherent shadowboxing/general warm up. I started doing the ol' Cung Le style 360 degree spinning back kick on the heavy bag after stretching. Does like!

Once we figured out we were supposed to workout, not be dumb, we moved on to padwork. I found in this area that my technical boxing needs some big work. I am not rotating my hips right when I throw rear uppercuts so I literally have to jump to properly align my body, giving me a Ken from Street Fighter esque look!(not a good thing) My lead hooks also had a goofy look. I throw thm from kind of low, cuz, you know, the hip is kinda low!, and I threw them thumb in, not out and down. They felt TERRIBLE!

After padwork, we moved on to sparring. First off was three5 min rounds of sparring. It wasn't bad. I've never been as good as my sparring partner in the stand up realm. He has a reach advantage, and knows how to use it well. I managed to sneak in some jabs, and even a counter hook, though the hook was that thumb-in pawing style, so it wasn't very powerful. There was also a period where I was annoyed, he was landing some nice leg kicks that f-ing hurt! and I leapt in and went a li'l bit wild with punches! A couple landed, but most were blocked. We ended up in a body clinch, but with the 16oz gloves it was hard for me to assert any control or get a body lock, so it broke. He also landed a very sickening side push kick to the liver. I can now understand why people crumple like they do. I felt like my insides had exploded. I tried to ignore it but there's no ignoring one of those kicks and I crumpled against the wall for about a minute and heaved for breath! Other than some calf/thigh stiffening leg kicks, and a few solid punches both ways, it was kind of a meh 3 rounds.

Second came the dirty boxing, this is where things got a little hairy. My training partner was in the dominant position, since last time I was in the dominant position. He was outgrapping me, and staying in position. I attempted to sweep into the dominant position, as well as hip throw and leg sweep to get him down. These techniques all failed so I thought, "Okay, I can't get the dominant position, might as well outstrike him!" So I started with short elbows and punches to the body. I also (think) I went for a few knees to the legs. But he was also trying to get a takedown so I had to sink very low, and go for underhooks to stop it, limiting my ability to knee. I eventually worked him back up high and got in a position for some more knees to the body. I landed three or four solid knees before he decided that he'd had enough.

This is all understandable. His mouthguard is lost, so he had to use an Everlast double mouthguard, one of the worst mouthguards ever designed in the histroy of mouthguards. He was also getting kneed in the diaphram, which guarantees to gas someone almost instantly. These things combined to cut the session short, making it only about 2 hours. I wanted more like 3 hours or more. But there are more days in life!

Yesterday I was surfing the net and found this video of Randy Couture doing this super uber workout. But was only using 95lbs. I wrote it all down, then went downstairs and did it. It. Was. F*cking. Awesome! It was:
Per set of 8 reps each:
Bent over rows
Trap Pulls
Mil Press
Good Mornings
Clean & press
Stiff Legged Deadlift
This was done nonstop per set with a 1 minute rest between.

I ended up only doing 2 sets since I didn't want to blow my load early. I moved on to some technique work. I threw f-ing hundreds of lead hooks/rear hooks with proper form. And a handful of rear uppercuts with proper form. The uppercuts are rather difficult for me with my stance since I use a sort of modified back stance and it requires a very, very significant rotation to be even moderately effective. I contemplate its usefulness....

I think I'm starting to get my shit in order. When I was training for that pure kickboxing comp, I hated training. Because I spent as much time fighting muscle memory as I did hitting the bag and shadowboxing. But now that I'm back to training for MMA, I am actually enjoying myself again!

There are four major Orgs in my area. And I've already picked out the one I want to try and get a fight for. It seems the most legit, and I am really excited at the prospect of getting a fight in about a year (my goal). I'm unconcerned if the fight will be ammy or pro, or LHW (my other goal) or HW. I just want to put up or shut up already!

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