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Wednesday I was driving my girlfriend around helping her apply for jobs then got stuck in traffic coming home and missed class.

Thursday I was geared up to go, but when I got to the gym it was closed for remembrance day.

Friday I met the guy running the promotion I'm fighting in at my gym. We talked a bit and they took some pictures for promotional material. I need to choose another entrance song!

After that training partner held pads for 5 rounds, things coming together nicely but still not protecting myself enough. Then I worked some technique and then sparred with Baker who threw me around a bit, but I ended taking his back and mount quite a bit and finished the round on top. Bibiano was there again and I talked to him for awhile, he definitely knows who I am a bit now. He comlimented my jiu jitsu and strength and said that if I work on my muay thai I could be a very good fighter. Always nice to hear, of course nothing out of Bibiano's mouth is negative.

Today I'll nap then hit the gym for more pads and maybe do something else, gotta catch up for those two missed day.s

Kajan fought tonight in Edmonton. As I mentioned earlier, this was a very important fight for him. He not only beat the favoured opponent, but he did so in a very dominant fashion. Highly reccomend watching this fight, between a few beautiful demonstrations of technique, heart stopping moments and funny commentary, it's the best fight I've seen in awhile. Never yelled so hard at my computer screen: Kajan
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