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Originally Posted by Hawkdomination
I've seen Wandy fight quite a few times and after the losses to Tito and Vitor(that was brutal)& I always thought that Randy and Chuck would just destroy him. I've seen maybe 6 prides and always thought ufc's top fighters would dominate prides. Evidently this doesn't seem to be the consensus. I am curious what other perceptions are, has pride improved since I saw it last and how has Wandy improved over the last few years? I love all mma so I am not trying to do the ufc vs. pride thing but think that both would benefit from regular matchups with the other. To be honest I think the elite fighters should fight each other on a semi-regular basis and both seem to have some elite. I think everyone would like to see the best fight the best.
It is so easy to turn on the t.v. in the U.S. and see something about the UFC.
The only division in the UFC that is better than Pride's is the welterweights in my opinion. Pride has better fighters as a whole in every other division especially the heavyweights. There are some individual fighters in the UFC like Rich Franklin who would be great anywhere, but as a whole Pride has the advantage. Wandy has improved since you saw his two loses to Tito and Vitor. I don't think there is anybody in the UFC's 205 lb. division that can or will destroy him. I do think Chuck will win the fight, but he will have to work hard for it. FSN has been airing alot of Pride fights lately, so see if you can catch Fedor, or Cro-cop! I am sure it will change your opinion about UFC's top fighters against Pride's. I love both organization's for what they are, and will watch any kind of MMA competition. After Chuck vs. Wandy I am sure we will see more elite matches, but until then opinions vary.

P.S. I am sure you will be hearing from some of our Pride fans!!!
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