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Originally Posted by Steve-d
you already know what im going to say but ill say it anyway.

i run out of energy way to quick, i should be able to go longer on the mat but i just tire out way to easy. At my house i have standard weights, light dumbells (for high reps) and the gazelle.

That machine is really cool because it works your legs and arms at the same time and its adjustable, lvl 1 is like running ont he street, lvl 2 is like going up hill, lvl 3 is building muscle and so on.

What im wondering is that given what i have to work with at home (i can go to my martial arts class but i want to try to find a regimen for home too)

Given what i said i have to work with what type of workout should i do that focuses on cardio/stamina....ill worry about strength training once i can last longer then 1, 5 min round at a time.

thanks in advanced.
regardless of what Tony little says the Gazelle is not all that great.. since it is a swining motion it might be easy on the knees but not the hips.. My parents had one.. I was highly unimpressed.. the best low knee impact macinge I have ever used is the ellipitical trainers at the gym.. I am sure there are home versions just never looks.. ts a nice smooth motion better for the hips and knees.. s for stamina.. I hate doing it.. but 2 ways I know... 1 .. Run.. I hate running.. my knees.. and two.. which Is what I perfer.. get a good practice partner a mat and roll.. When your winnded take a quick 5 and go right back at it.. keep going.. when you absolutely can't go on... go 5 minutes longer.. focus on your breathing for awhile as well evenif your technique suffers a bit.. it will even out in time.. once oyu no longer need to focus on your breathing.. set a timer... like 15 minutes and start grappling.. one one taps.. get up and go right back at it.. no break.. keep doing this over and over.. when you are absolutely winded take a few deep breaths until you just able to go againand go.. no long rests until the 15 minutes is up. If 15 minutes is well outside your reach start with a lower time. if your partner can't hang get two.. Two roll... soon as one taps the next jumps in... and you keep doing that though set a much higher time limit since your breaks will be a bit longer in some cases real short in others depending on skill level.. plus this will help with concentration and focus and give you more then just one peson style to contend with and since things are constatly switching you have to pay better attentionthis can be worked with any number of odd people.. for instance 5.. 2 pairs grapple and the person sitting jumps in for the first person to be tapped.. it gives you a wider range of people to workwith and since your not sure if your jumping into group A or B everybody needs to focus tokeep things going smoothly.. plus it is alot of fun.. hope this helps.. that or you can just run alot.. I am not a fan of running.. so I like the 2nd option alot better and I gave you some varations not sure how many people you canget but canbe done well with just one partner...

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