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Mon: I'm sure my karate sensei thought "WTF is that candy ass soccer mom doing in here after class last night?" Well, I WAS there. We drilled heel drag to deep half guard, then I watched all the other guys shark tank a guy who's fighting in 3 weeks. I'm starting to learn the concept of the sit-out (in grappling, not like being a sub lol) and "going out the back door."
PM class was the usual warmup and then dynamic partner combinations up and down the floor. I got kicked in the quad and it hurts a lot. The BJJ guys who only know how to throw leg kicks, throw them hard.
Tue: rested
Wed: AM grappling was electric chair and a sweep from butterfly guard that I forgot the name of, then live rolling. It was fun as shit. I wore my first long sleeved rash guard ever and loved it, although I already know from another girl who has it that the logo comes off fast. Then I got on the stepmill for 30 minutes. I didn't do any class tonight.
Thur: drilled armbars, guard passes to grapevine and skydive, rolled a few rounds live and tapped someone for the first time in ages. I was so excited.
Fri: AM grappling was tornado sweep and a lot of other stuff that was kind of confusing. I realize tornado sweep is more at the blue or purple belt level. PM was continual standup that progressed to holding kicks and takedowns and attempting to get position. The rounds got longer as we incorporated more techniques. It was fairly demanding and I keep getting kicked in the left quad. Once again, I prob. looked terrible but it was a fun ass workout. The people there are usually very patient and sportsmanlike about acknowledging that all types, whether it's amateur fighters or hobbyists who want a good workout and love the relevant disciplines, have the right to train there if they've paid.
Sat: Judo. All randori, all the time. It totally ruled. Two brown belts who aren't usually there were in attendance, and it was a way better workout than it usually way.
Sun: rested

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