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Advanced No Gi with Bibi

Warmup, no technique just side control escape rotating through the whole class. Did alright but not great, the water was pretty deep at class today. In rolling I got manhandled by Kultar "Black Mamba" Gill, who isn't known for his ground game in MMA but took his toll on me with like 4 submissions in a round. Also rolled a purple belt with alot of back and forth though I did tap to a guillotine. Final guy was decent but I got the better of him and spent most of the time mounted on him, finishing with an americana and arm from s-mount with a sweep after he defended. 7 minute rounds are tough. Good class.

Afterwards training partner came in to hit pads, my hands were damn heavy after that class but I managed. First round I was looking much better as far as protecting myself, second round after the 100 punchout drill he started with, I wasn't looking so good. Third round was begrudgringly forced through. I'll keep it up though, my shoulders can't stay weak forever.

Waaay too sore for a monday..leg soreness from burpees, thigh pain from the purple belt digging hard with elbows to break my guard, shoulder, wrist, and elbow soreness from the increase in striking lately.

My weight cut's going suprisingly well, I guess I'll make monday after training the weekly weight check day. Last week I was 204 and 11.1% bodyfat, this week I'm 198lbs and 10.7% bodyfat. I'll adjusting my diet to slow the weightloss, but I'm pretty confident that this was just a low point of a fluctuation and I didn't legitimately lose 6lbs this week.

I'm in the middle of 8 shifts straight at work right now but am pretty happy with how I'm getting through it.

Back at it tomorrow.
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