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Originally Posted by Steve-d
lol awsome you herd of the gazelle, HAHA

couple things, 1 i hate tony little, 2 its my girlffriends machine but when i started traing i found it a bit usefull.

Yeah the first person who started teaching me MMA lived by rolling was the best workout, and to a point it is since your working on exactly what you will be doing in a match.

My only problem is a decent sized mat, i have found them to be expensive, what i found that i will buy is the aquare interlocking mat peices for $32 a peice and i need 6-8 of them, so thats a bit pricy.

That why i wanted some ideas with equipment i had, notice i didint like a mat as equipment i had, i plan on getting it next and a.s.a.p but asap might not be that soon.

Thank for your help and idea's
well until you can affoard your own.. and I suggest shopping around.. might be able to find a used one from a MA school or something cheaper.. go to the local why see if they have wretling mats or practice in the grass.. I know its not a mat.. but it is hard then any MMA surface you'll be on... just make sure you both avoid hard slams and this way whaen your on a mat you'll be that much more comfortable.. Most of my MA training has been on hardwood floor or the grass.. we tried the beach once thinking.. Sand .. soft.. well yea it was.. but man.. landing face first in sand sucks.. also shop the internet might be able to find some good deals as well... if I knew where you lived I might be able to point you in the right direction...

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