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Originally Posted by TUF-FKR View Post
Day 1 Chest/Tricepts/Abs
Chest: Flat,inclne,dcline bench,pecdeck (flys)
Tricepts: Skull crushers, kick backs, Dips, push downs
Abs: on your knees crunches using the cable pulley with the rope on it.

Day 2 Back/Bicepts/Legs
Back: pull ups, SQUATS!, deadlifts, cable pull downs, bent over rows
Bicepts: (many excersises for back incporporate bicepts) standing curl, preacher curl
LEGS: (Many excersizes for back incorporate legs above)lunges, leg curl, calfs

Day 3 Shoulders/Abs
Shoulders: standing barbell press, sitting dumbell press, upright rows, front barbell flys
ABS: See above (I only do one ab excersize every other day, crunches with cable pulley adjust the weight for more resistance, best excersize with VERY LOW Impact to your back)

Day 4 Arms/cardio
ARMS: See above for bicepts, Tricepts,
Since your just starting out you NEED to have someone help you with these exercises, especially deadlifts and bent over rows. If you do them wrong you can easily get injured, some injuries you cannot fully recover from.
I am a firm believer that core and cardio should be done everyday. To help with cardio, focus on breathing right, try holding water in your mouth when you run, this will force you to breathe through your nose, this method sucks while your doing it but gets results. Just do cardio and core post lifting so it doesnt impact your workout.
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