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My god this week is moving slowly. My right elbow is ruined with tendonitis, it feels like it should be in a sling.

I wanted to do 3 classes today but only managed to do one. I'm also jacked up on caffeine which makes sleeping tonight iffy.

BJJ was pretty good, after the warm up and guard pass drills we just did back escapes, and the teacher asked me to show a back escape. Then we drilled with everyone rotating around attacking eachother's back. I did well here and didn't get tapped. Then we rolled. I positionally dominated a big white belt one round. Then had a very neutral roll with the blue belt that hyperextended my knee in a takedown at one of my first blue belt tournaments, he's good and I'll have to get more rolls with him. Also rolled my white belt nemesis...I had slightly better positions but still spent most of my time in bottom half guard clinging for life, ended the round in his guard but only defending his submissions. My nemesis gets the moral victory again.

I've had a bit of an enlightenment today after training, one that I've had before. I'm wasting energy using my strength to cling to positions and fight their strength. It's a waste, and a habit that I spent alot of time in Brazil improving on. I'm technically better than most people here, I just need to RELAX, and be constantly moving and threatening. The challenge is that the less technically inclined do the grabbing and clinging, which can sort of suck you into their level if you're not aware of it. Next time I will be, next roll it's going to be smoother, lighter, and much more active.

That said, I need to give my elbow some rest. I'm going to harass my training partner to work kicks only with me tomorrow, god knows I'll need some tuning up on those before I fight.
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