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I spent the better part of October binge drinking and eating like shit. Therefore, I've put on about 20lbs. It's all just fat though, so by getting my diet back on track and getting back into more serious workouts, that should melt off pretty quick.

I did a max deadlift last Tuesday. Got 325lbs, raw. Not the weight I was looking for. I also made attempts at 350lbs and 335lbs. I got those two attempts off the floor, but didn't nearly get lockout at all.

This being said, I decided that what I was missing out of my strength training was goals. I figured that that's why I'm sometimes so wishy washy about lifting - because I have no goals or deadlines for myself. Instead it's just, "oh, I'm lifting to get stronger. Eh. I'll lift tomorrow instead of today." And then tomorrow never comes. So I've set the goal for December 8th, to hit a 375lbs deadlift, raw. That's adding 50lbs to my DL in one month, as well as dropping these 20lbs off my frame. Big goals, but doable, I think.

Friday: Legs. I did squats at only 100lbs, but took it deeper than I ever have before, which felt really good. I then did standing calf raises at bw+90lbs (45lbs/per hand). I did I think 3 sets of 8. The first set however, I did them one leg at a time to try to work on balance/stabilization. I also did farmer's walk, from one end of my driveway to the other and back as one "set" or "rep", and did that eight times. Farmer's walks were at 90lbs, 45lb plate in each hand. Finally I did walking lunges, 3 sets of 8 reps/leg, at 45lbs. The walking lunges really tore my ass up for the next couple days, a big change from my usual reverse lunges. Farmer's walks were amazing, and really hit my grip super hard. Holdling the 45lb plates for calf raises after the farmer's walks hit my grip even harder. Felt the burn in my forearm.

Monday: Pull. Deadlifts @ 275lbs (raw), 4 sets of 3 reps.
Shrugs @ 165lbs, 3 sets of 8 reps.
Reverse Curls @ 55lbs, 3 sets of 6 reps.
Wrist Curls @ 15lbs, 3 sets of 6 reps (per hand).
Weighted Bridge Presses, 85lbs, 3 sets of 6 reps.
One handed, hammer grip deadlifts @ 80lbs, 3 sets of 6 reps (per hand).
I was going for pure strength on the regular deadlifts, and going for strength/mass on the other lifts. I'll be honest, I'm a little vain; I want to get big. The one handed hammer grip deadies were awesome, and I'm so glad I added them. I did them while going up the stairs, so each pull only had to go high enough to get the weight stack to the next step. I feel like this really, really hit my lower back hard. I think next week I'll switch it up and go two steps at a time, to better help with my regular deady form. Weighted bridge presses were pretty amazing too. I could really feel it working in my hips and lower back. I just have to remember next week to throw a focus mitt down before I lay the bar on my hips (owwies!). I'll hopefully add five or ten pounds to my regular deadlifts next week. I'll also up the weight on the one handed hammergrip deadies, lower the reps, and add a set - to focus it more on pure strength instead of strength and mass.

I meant to also practice my overhead snatch (I think it's called), but I was just too beat. I may add either power cleans or good mornings next week, and drop something out, probably reverse curls.

Wednesday: Press. Only did three exercises, but man were they intense. I'll explain my bench press routine:
6 reps @ 95lbs (warmup)
4 reps @ 135lbs (warmup)
3 reps @ 155lbs (semi-warmup)
1 rep @ 165lbs
1 rep @ 175lbs
1 rep @ 185lbs
Failed attempt at 195lbs
6 reps @ 155lbs
8 reps @ 135lbs

I also did dumbbell shoulder press, 3 sets, reps were 10/10/8. Weight was 35lbs per dumbbell for a total weight of 70lbs. Then I did two sets of bodyweight dips, reps were 10/8. And I was just way too spent to go for a third set. Had I not gone so heavy on the bench, I'm sure I could've done way more on the dumbbell shoulder presses, but that's fine. That bench routine puts my new bench max at 185lbs, 20lbs higher than previous. Not to mention that had I dropped out the rep at 165 or 175, and dropped one rep off the 155, I probably could have gotten 195 up. So I'm pretty excited about last night's lifting session, and am really looking forward to next week's.


I spent some time working on chaining kicks, as well as using them at different angles/ranges. Working on some hand combos as well as footwork with punches.
Combinations and concepts are as follows:
1. High inside crescent kick into side kick to leg or body.
2. Feinting lead leg high roundhouse into lead leg high heel hook kick.
3. Turning side kick into shuffle in side kick.
4. Lead jab, ducking cross/overhand while stepping out, lead hand hook/uppercut/shovelhook to body while angling.
5. Feinting lead side kick into spinning back kick.
6. Feinting lead side kick into spinning heel hook kick.
7. Feinting lead side kick into spinning back fist.
8. Getting back into the habit of using back knuckle strikes and standing hammerfists.
9. Axe kick. Speed and power. I aim to start neglecting power for accuracy and more speed, however.
10. Lead jab into lead leg high roundhouse.
11. Retreating in angles while using front kicks for range. Something I'm ok at, but needs to be better.
12. Need to work on power with lead leg roundhouses. They're "fine" for head kicks, strong enough to daze or possibly lay out if I get lucky. But they're about worthless to throw at the body.
13. Need to work on the speed of my rear leg roundhouses. Strong enough to lay someone out, bust up a leg, or mash up the body, but slow enough to be at least poorly blocked on most counts.
14. Lead jab, right cross, turning side kick to body (head?)
15. Feinting lead leg high roundhouse into lead leg high side kick.
16. Bent leg inside crescents versus stiff(er) leg inside crescents; Working with the different ranges of each.

I think I need to go back to kung fu basics and work on my lohan and shoalin longfist stances, as well as my snake drop stance. My beginning dragon form is worth revisiting as well, I think.

Yeahhh. Think that's it for now.

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