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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post

If you want overall strength I have a simple method of tearing your body apart from the inside out.

Say for instance you can do 60-pound dual-curls 10 sets of 10 which equals 100 lifts. Is that all you can do for that single lift no....go and do 5 or 10 more sets in the day compared to what you normally do.

I had started my regimen on a monday, and by wednesday I could barely pick up a 4-pound pizza after curling a 40-pound salt bag 360-lifts on monday and 720 lifts on tuesday.

You should approach your entire workout-regimen in a manner in which you will push through any pain that you encounter and strive to set a new level to break.

If you only do three sets on day 3 break it up into 4 mini-workouts of doing the full workout you listed but 4-times in the day. If you can push yourself beyond what your mind says is possible then you will start on the correct-path.
Are you doing mma at all bud? you have to take care of your body, weight trainning is ok but the way you are training? you wont last 6 months! If you are doing a bit of jiu you will have joint pain in no time, then no more mma!
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