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So since I'm solo this month I've been looking into lifting, and just my lifting needs. And I've found that while I'd like to be able to lift huge numbers, it really doesn't translate if I can't lift explosively. Example being, I might at some point be able to deadlift 400lbs, but if it takes thirty seconds to get it off the ground to lockout, its almost useless. However if I could power through and explode ala power clean with 200-250, that translates to takedown/sprawling ability. I also worked on frog jumps. These techniques have been working for me a lot. For example, my sparring partner has a huge strength advantage in the legs on me. Logic suggests he should be able to take me down with ease, but he can't take me down easily. I'm able to sprawl maybe 7/10 takedowns with about about an 80lbs strength disadvantage. This comes from what I consider a decent sprawl(which I try to emulate from watching a GSP demo on Youtube) and my seeming predisposition to get out of the way rather than try and counter. This tells me that while strength is meaningful. As I already knew, good technique means a whole helluva lot more.

The concept of explosiveness also translates to my arms/torso as applied to punching ability. This being said I was fiddling around with some explosiveness drills:

Started with a 45lbs free weight in both hands exploding upward, didn't count reps, did quite a few 15+, moved on to 90lb barbell, 15+ reps, went back down to the the 45lb plate, then moved on to resistance bands and about a bajillion reverse punches!

I've been working defensive dirty boxing against the wall, also solo, so a little weird... I've been just working on trying to dig an underhook on one side and controlling the head and chest with with the other arm and only going for the under-over, or double under, for a leg sweep or throw. I've been doing this with my previously useles (now only partially useless) water bag. It changes shape slightly when grappled which makes actually using it for positions even marginally possible. I'm hoping to get an actual grappling bag for christmas, but we'll see...

I've been thinking about my performance in my last actual partner training session, I was able to utilize a decent hold on my opponnet while defending, this being an underhook on one side, and half a Thai clinch on the other. I used my hand in the clinch simply to plant, and flared out my elbow and used it on control his ability to move his body on that side. It was also helpful when I slid out the underhook and pushed his torso out to throw knees, I'd already secured half a Thai clinch, I just changed the weight distribution.

I've been doing tons of shadowboxing, maybe 40-60 minutes a night. I know there's this adage that you should only do 20 minutes of shadowboxing during a workout, but frankly, that's f*cking retarded. In a five round fight you're doing something more like shadowbixing than bagwork for 25 minutes, and you warm up for another 30-60 minutes before the fight, and probably were warming up in the hotel before coming to the venue, so thats like 2 hours of what can only be described as padwork, shadowboxing and partner work. Besides, good shadowboxing gets me more lathered and sweating than an equal amount of time on the bag. The bagwork is important, I'm just all meh about it right now.

Other than some random explosive stuff, my lifting has been really forced. I can't seem to enjoy this slow repitious movement over and over, it all the muthaf*ckin same! I really seem to just hate lifting now. I'm not sure when I started having such negative feelings, but I should probably work on that...

Diet has been terrible. I kind of went into an "I don't flippin give a f*ck!" phase for a while there and ate a buncha shit. I've pretty much gotten over that and am trying to get things back on track as best I can.

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