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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
You have to take a day off once in awhile man, it is unhealthy to do otherwise :P
Yep, it just sucks a little when those days aren't the ones you've allotted for rest.

No Gi with Bruno. Technique was arm drags from butterfly guard, then added taking the back, then added when you arm drag they pop their knee to block the back take - you wrestler grip the upped leg and the dragged arm then use your far butterfly hook to launch them over you. Then we worked omoplate variations.

In rolling I tried to be smarter, more relaxed and more active and did much better. All tough rolls, had a pretty neutral back and forth with a guy that's always been competitive. Faced my white belt nemesis and had another neutral roll, caught him with an open guard sweep against him standing and got on top. Last round was a long one with Kultar, and we spent alot of time in eachothers guards neutralizing eachother. I got props when I landed my kimura bump sweep on him, but didn't hold mount long. He also blasted me from his guard with his legs kicking off my chest, no joke I was on my knees and all 200lbs of me left the ground. Kultar was the only submission I saw tonight, he took my neck in the turtle and locked on a choke that I shouldn't have tapped to so fast- he didn't have his hooks in and I could have fought it.

Elbow feels a bit sore but much better than last time.

My 8 day stretch of work finished today. I'm hanging by a thread on just quitting the ******* job.
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