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Ares Caesar
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Good fight man. I would say you probably got a little screwed. As others have said, round 1 was you easily, round 2 was probably him, but it wasnt that 1 sided, and round 3 while being close, was still definitely you with 2 takedowns and finishing the round with top control. You should've gotten the win.

Few things I will comment on as a "armchair fighter"

1) Keep your left hand up more. I noticed it dropped a lot in close range situations.

2) Make sure you have proper position to throw kicks. You had a couple REALLY good kicks, but there were also several kicks you threw while leaning backwards/moving back which really didnt have the power they should have.

3) This may be a preference thing when on the ground, but I'd suggest utilizing an underhook on the farside arm when you have side control. At least 2 instances I noticed you had side control and didnt establish the underhook to ensure you had your weight over him. Again maybe thats intentional, as ground games are taught differently, but I'm definitely in the belief that its good to use to really flatten the guy on his back and hold him down while you better your position and plan of attack.

4) Your spinning backfist is seriously one of the better ones I've seen, and I've watched A LOT of fights. The speed you throw it with is pretty incredible, and clearly it has power as it dropped the guy when you cleanly connected. Normally I dont know how much I'd suggest anyone use such a "flashy" maneuver, but with how well you throw it, I'd say keep using it. Not to mention it'll get you some more fans

5) I really liked your poise in the 3rd round when he swept you onto your back. You remained calm the whole time and did a really good job using your hips and legs to stifle his strikes and limit damage, only a couple punches when he finally got your head against the cage looked as if they even connected, but in all I thought it was a REALLY good job of staying poised the whole time, especially for a guy in his first pro fight. Might have been the most impressive part of the fight to me.

6) Class act after the fight. I cannot say how much I appreciate when guys show class after the fight. It speaks a lot to the sport of MMA, and will continue to help its legitimacy and aid in welcoming it into the mainstream even more. After a helluva war you showed a lot of class, and even after a questionable decision you still were very upbeat, and that shouldnt go unnoticed.

Again, I'm just an "armchair fighter" here, so take all of what I've said with a grain of salt, and in no way shape or form do I think I could do better. I think you fought really well, and I'm just trying to make suggestions to help if I can at all. I hope you continue to fight and post your fights here, and if you come fight in my home town I'll definitely come out to watch and support ya.

Anyway, keep kickin ass.
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