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Got to train with Blake "The Snake" Fredrickson, who runs our amateur team nowadays. I haven't worked with him in the past because I wasn't getting out to Langley often and because he usually runs his session on saturdays. Having this saturday off I got a chance to give it a go.

He had us shadowbox a round in our opposite stance to get us out of our comfort zone, then we drilled a couple combos with partners. First was 1-2 stepping off the side with the 2, lifting leg up as you superman jab, then step out into a left kick to their leg. Second one was double jab, switch stance on the third to make it a right cross, step off for a left leg kick. Awkward combos but pretty neat.

Then we did 4 minute rounds MMA sparring in full gear. I met the guy that my opponent beat last, and he was nearest my size so I worked with him the most. I did my best to keep it standing, tagging him plenty from outside his range, working lots of punch and kick combos. He would eventually get me against the cage where we'd struggle and I'd either reverse out and break off or he'd take me down. On the ground I kept his posture broken pretty easily and landed decently from the bottom, but with boxing gloves and shin guards its hard to work sweeps and submissions. I did manage to get a foot to his chest when he postured and blasted him off of me. I did two rounds with him and felt pretty good. He bailed on a takedown and I ended up on top half guard, kept him flattened out and pounded until he eventually reguarded, he tried an armbar that I pulled out of and worked to pass but he rolled to a turtle. I tried to move around to take back but he attacked a single leg well and took me down to guard to finish the second round. Then I got to work with two other guys that were a bit smaller than me. I did well using my range once again, funny how I haven't sparred or done much muay thai but I instinctively went to the same combos that I always used to do. Both guys did eventually take me down, but both had a tough time getting any posture, and one I swept into mount and ended the round pounding from his back. Good class!

Talked a bit with the guy that lost to my opponent. He said he has some crappy quality video of the fight that I could see, which will be nice because I've only found one round on youtube of my opponents first fight, which apparently he has improved on alot since. Also learned a few other things, he's about 6'2 and cuts to 190 from 210, so big dude doing a big weight cut. I'm not dieting down any further. He seems to prefer to be on the ground, but isn't very great off his back. The guy I was trainig with today said he controlled and won the first round, and our opponent came out in the second and threw a head kick right away to try to put it away. I'll have to be wary of things like that.

Overall I feel pretty good that I got to train with my opponents last opponent and didn't feel out of my league at all. Great week for training! Right elbow is aching but everything else feels phenomenal, I keep this up and I'll be set for a great performance on January 15th.

UFC tonight! I entered a 25$ MMA pool at MMA Madhouse I always liked doing fantasy mma betting so a cheap little pool makes these events a little more interesting to watch. Plus its probably a good idea to build relationships with online media. Plus, I can win a couple hundred $$$, if you click through the link you'll see I'm currently tied for first after the first event (I'm revolution).

Sweet rest now and back to work.
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