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Okay so, there's been a bit going on. My training partner has decided that he, at this time, no longer wants to compete. Without that motivation, I now am wholey lacking a sparring partner of any kind. So now I have to get my procrastinating ass out there and find a gym that I like. I have one in mind (there are 3 principly in the area). One seems the most legit, so I obviously choose that one.

My solo training has gone so tremendously meh, its Bob Saget. I've been doing some shadowboxing and some bag work, but nothing that I've really enjoyed. Face-fist seems to be a drug that you really can't replace with any substitute.

My training partner, now is devoting the majority of his time to lifting for his purposes. Since much of these seem to coinside with my purposes, we continue to lift together. These last two lifting sessions were more fun than my solo sessions, since I have someone other than the wall to talk to!

The first was an explosive workout and it was spur of the moment so I had nothing planned in advance, it broke down like this:
1. Powercleans 3/4
2. Bench Press 3/4
3. S. A. Rows 3/4
4. Medicine Ball throws 3/25
5. Military Press 3/4

It wasn't bad. It was a little too eclectic to have been really useful at effectively working any single muscle group. But the goal was developing explosivenes in the muscle fibers, which I think its successful at doing so.

The second workout was my training partner's regular "pull" workout. As memory serves, it was like this:
1. Deadlifts to max, followed by 1/8, 1/6 at manageable weight
2. Shoulder Shrugs 3/8
3. Bent Over rows 3/8
4. Weighted Bridge Press 3/6
5. I attempted 1 handed hammergrip deadlifts, but this was rediculous, I am fairly certain I injured my groin (possibly pulled a muscle), as well as felt the skin on the inside of my hand tearing apart. Moral: I found this aspect of the workout sketchy.

Overall it was a good workout, and I was engrossed in great tiredness and my back aches unlike it ever has. Its so stiff I can't slouch without feeling tremendous discomfort, and slight pain.

Diet: I've started taking protein supplements again. I hadn't for a while, since I wasn't lifting vigorously enough to need it while in my epic slump. But now I can say with certainty, that if I continue lifting with this level of intensity (which I want to!) I'll be needing it!

I ate kind of badly today. Ate fast food (ugh, I know, terrible level 1500) for lunch, protein shake for breakfast, and still haven't eaten dinner, aiming to visit the grocery store next to work and find something marginally healthy soon.

Edit: Went to the grocery store. Nothing of any value in the bakery, meat, or fruit dept. Bought crackers to snack on. Hopefully something healthy at home.

I know how to eat well, I just have to get the motivation to not only eat it, but also prep to fight the fam tooth and nail to have it done.

Looking forward to this week, but also not looking forward to this week from a wannabe fighter's stand point. Turkey+potatoes+watever the hell else I can shove in my face=a really f-ed up diet!

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